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We help you following regulations General Data Protection Regulation(EU) 2016/679 and best practice according to various standards impacting your business.  Doing so we ensure that any risk is minimalised, giving buyers and any other company that works with your confidence.


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We support our partners like Marco Polo supported Khagan Khubilai a grandson of Genghis Khan

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IFRS 17 Compliance White Paper

How to minimize the effort of implementing IFRS 17 ? As our clients ask us how we would implement IFRS 17 we wrote this paper to present our approach. The purpose is to minimize the effort.In 1997, the IASC (future IASB) initiated the draft of a specific standard for...

Accounting & Reporting Services

Are you seeking support in accounting and reporting?  Our expertise in accounting and financial techniques allows us to help you with : accounting standards consolidation reporting analytics KPIs budgeting modeling internal controls Accounting & Reporting Services...

Khagan neemt aan een van CREOBIS-conferenties deel : verzekeringsstrategieën 2019

IDD, Impact nieuwe wetboek vennootschappen, Governance. De laatste ontwikkelingen om uw strategie te verfijnen. In 2019 zal de strategie voor verzekeringsmaatschappijen moeten voldoen aan de belangrijkste wettelijke ontwikkelingen binnen de sector. Op het gebied van...

Khagan participe à une des conférences de CREOBIS: Insurance Strategies 2019

IDD, impact de la réforme du code des sociétés, gouvernance. Les dernières évolutions à maîtriser pour affiner vos stratégies de développement. Impact de la réforme du code des sociétés, gouvernance. En 2019, la stratégie de développement des compagnies d’assurance...

Expertise in advising CIO

Have you ever considered the next challenges of your IT and how to react? We identify 9 points to think about and act when need be:  Cost saving and/or (end-2-end) delivery issues M&A integration and implementation issues Management of change and business...

Expertise in advising CEO and CFO

Have you ever considered the next challenges of your financial functions and how to react? We identify 8 points to think about and act when need be: The evolution of accounting standards and their operational impact The increase in statutory and / or regulatory...

Clarifications around GDPR EU 2016/679

The GDPR is not merely an IT problem, neither is it merely a legal problem ... Our core business within Khagan is historically in Banking and Insurance. As in Healthcare, personal data is particularly sensitive in both industries. Our clients are companies of all...

Verduidelijkingen rondom de General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

De GDPR is geen IT-probleem, noch een juridisch probleem … Binnen Khagan hebben we historisch gezien een sterke focus op de bank- en verzekeringssector. Net zoals in de gezondheidssector dient men hier meer dan prudent om te gaan met persoonlijke gegevens. Onze...

White paper about the New NIS EU 2016/1148

The NIS Directive introduces a new framework to guarantee and monitor the cyber-safety of key industries in the Community. Key industries are both the operators of essential services, like energy providers, and the digital services providers, like cloud services...

Why shouldn’t we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

When I started working, on 16 December 1992 at 8:30 am, I joined a company that was pretty advanced from a technological perspective. But we had no e-mail. We called one another to obtain information. When we had to produce a report, we wrote...

KMO Portefeuille In ‘t kort

De kmo-portefeuille is een maatregel waardoor je – als ondernemer – financiële steun krijgt voor de aankoop van diensten die de kwaliteit van je onderneming verbeteren. Concreet zijn dat opleidingen en adviesdiensten zoals bijvoorbeeld het opstellen van een communicatieplan voor je bedrijf.

De kmo-portefeuille wil toegankelijk zijn voor zoveel mogelijk bedrijven. Daarom maken we het eenvoudig om je aan te melden en subsidieverzoeken in te dienen. Vraag hier je subsidie aan.

We started a data governance project with Khagan in April 2018. They were tasked with designing a governance framework for DELA Belgium and a data quality framework. They quickly adapted the governance of our head office to our local needs, simplifying the model by the same token. They also demonstrated a high flexibility freeing resources up when running into unexpected challenges.

Khagan claims that their management follows projects closely, and they live by this promise. Management jumped in to help with several of our challenges. Their experience and expertise allowed us to implement our program faster than what we were required, and they delivered the tools we needed to adapt our data governance and data quality program to our changing environment. If you want the best bang for the buck when it comes to advisory, I would definitively recommend you choose Khagan.



Our World is changing


We need to adapt.

Within a fast-evolving environment, you need a responsive flexible partner. Khagan is just that. We make ourselves available to go with your flow. We walk with you every step of the way to success. We constantly share with you to anticipate and understand your needs. For us, sharing is caring.

Our expertise


We provide C-level strategy and consulting services to align your IT and your business. Our purpose is adapted for companies of all sizes and stages of development.
We support your changes and align to your pace.
We help you implement using a combination of state of the art methodologies to better suit your needs.


We focus on operational finance.
Our comprehensive toolbox helps you, managers, finance executives to transform your operation to drive more value for the buck.


Based on our experience, we have work on two levels, the first one is risk governance and the second on is risk modelling.
We have developed our own tool to assess your risk management process. Like the tool for the financial assessment, we start by assessing the level of maturity of your company. We then compare this level of maturity to the processes you have to manage risk.


Our approach uses standards, practical cases and various techniques to build up a comprehensive data architecture roadmap. You will benefit from a strong methodology to model data in a consistent and predictable way to enable you to use this corporate resource in a changing environment.

What do we deliver ?


Strategy services

We take the time to understand your critical issues to be an objective advisor and help the board analyze, evaluate and make informed decisions about its strategic alternatives.

Implementation services

We combine deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and unsurpassed delivery capabilities to drive breakthrough results. We can help your business leverage across all functions to deliver value and innovation.

Support services

We put our resources at your service. Our associates, managers, geniuses and consultants are at your disposal for your projects.

We have solutions


Tailor-made solutions

We advise you using tailor made solutions. Our solutions integrate intelligent algorithms. Our transversal vision covers the fields of Compliance, Finance, Risk, Data & Digital. We have an innovative way to develop solutions with cross-fertilization.

Ready-made solutions

Do you have an urgent need? We can also meet this type of situation. We already developed solutions immediately available on our web shop. Our team will also solve immediate issues in finance, risk, digital and modelling.

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