Cash Management Services

Is money strategic for you?

Cash Management Services

We help you to effectively manage your global cash flow, reduce your working capital requirements, reduce your organisational costs, bank fees and interest, create an infrastructure to receive your money faster at a lower cost.

Khagan helps you analyse and design the cash management infrastructure best suited to your specific situation; we can help in negotiations with the banks; we can support you to implement the structure in your organisation; we can help you to build up your infrastructure, define and set up processes.


KPI’s & KRI’s

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators ; KRI, or Key Result Indicator. Understanding how your business operates is the very root of success; being familiar with your data, and how to properly utilise different types of data, will help you in doing just that. You may have herd of KPIs and quite possibly, KRIs.They are widely regarded as the most important types of data to track for company-wide success



Cash Management Model

We use mathematical models to determine your company optimal cash balance. We help you to analyse and manage regarding your daily evolution of your cash while taking into consideration the fluctuations in previsional cash flow

Budgeting & Forecasting

We budget the outline of expectations for what your company wants to achieve for a particular period, usually one year.

We forecast financial estimates your company’s future financial outcomes by examining historical data. Financial forecasting allows management teams to anticipate results based on previous financial data

Corporate Governance Services

We offer you comprehensive services

Fund Services

We offer a comprehensive Fund Administration Services, Corporate Management Services, Fund Set Up & Fund Structuring Services for traditional and alternative investment funds.

Risk Management Services

We like risk because we know how to picture it

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