Corporate Governance Services

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Corporate Governance Services

We have a complete set of services that assists companies during their institutionalisation process. We offer comprehensive services to our partners.

We evaluate the existing senior management structure of companies within the framework of Corporate Management Principles, identify job definitions and working styles of the senior management structure (Board of Directors, Early Risk Identification Committee, Monitoring Committee, etc.) in line with the Corporate Management Principles, and document who has what authority and responsibilities.

We enable standardisation of the processes, we write procedures that incorporate all the fundamental controls with respect to your internal processes.

We help you to create an authority matrix/ organisation guideline. Institutionalising a company is by itself insufficient in terms of achieving the sustainability of family businesses; family relations should also be institutionalised. We help you to define and plan a Family Constitution and Succession


Compliance program

We help you to review the compliance with applicable corporate governance codes with a self-monitoring and review function internal to the compliance function. We support you to increase the ability of your company to assess, monitor and improve your compliance programs


Corporate Governance Framework

Design Corporate Governance structures and processes conform to regulatory requirements and stakeholders strategy. We help you to define the system of rules, practices and processes by which your company is directed and controlled. We involve balancing the interests of a company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community


Corporate Governance Implementation

Bring the organisation’s governance framework down to the level of roles, responsibilities, reporting lines, and communications to bridge the gap between the governance framework and operational realities

Process Automation Services

We design, optimise process & develop your own tools

CFO Advisory Services

Let’s scan your organisation to evaluate your company maturity

Risk Management Services

We like risk because we know how to picture it

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