Data Governance Services

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Data Governance Services

Data is an asset for your organisation. We help you to build up a solid framework to master data complexity, increase the quality of your data and deliver better goods or services. We design and implement a Data Governance framework to manage the confidentiality, integrity, availability of data used in your organisation to match security standards. Our data Governance methodology covers the governing body, a defined set of procedures and a plan to execute those procedures. On this basis, we can implement a solid Data Quality methodology and help you to manage and integrate Data, Metadata and Data Architecture


Data Governance Strategy

Data governance strategy cover numerous topics like Data Development Management, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing & BI Management, Meta Data Management, Data Quality Management. All these fields will define your data architecture management. We tailor our program to fit your organisation’s complexity and to make sure that you can absorb this effort


Data Governance Implementation

Together, we design your Data Governance, aligning it to your Data Strategy and the complexity of your organization. We will Roadmap its implementation. With you, we will design the Operational Data Governance & Data Quality Assurance processes


Operational Data Governance & Data Quality Assurance

Together, we will translate your data governance framework into operational measures, either embedded in your flows or on the basis of reports, to ensure that you control the quality of the data you use. Doing so, we give you the tools to implement a virtuous circle that reduces errors and improve the satisfaction of all your stakeholders.

We adapt to your context by using a mix of the DAMA-DMBOK functional framework, the Lean methodology and Agile methodology


Identity Access Management

We help you to define roles and responsibilities in your organisation such as executive sponsorship, business ownership, data governance council, data stewardship. We involve each level of your organisation to work in respect of data quality principles

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