Data Modelling Services

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Data Modelling Services

Khagan’s view to data modelling starts with a disciplined approach to the data themselves. In complex data environments, we believe that streamlining data elements and ensuring correct data controls is the key to robust data model that will consistently deliver the information you need.

We start approaching the data through the business flows. They are the basis for identifying what data is required. We only then move to the systems to select the most robust data points to feed into the model. We estimate robustness of a data point through an analysis of the process flows and through testing of the quality of the data point.

Once the data points are set, we will work with your team to transform them into information that makes sense. As Khagan works with integrated teams, we couple three capacities to reach that goal: the data specialists, the designer of information models and a specialist in management.

The management specialist will propose and challenge information concepts with your management team. Khagan’s management specialist are seasoned finance executive that are geared into designing information packs from management.

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