Data Quality Services

The degree to which the data is suitable for business usages

Data Quality Services

We help you to design your data quality management framework by implementing controls in your processes and systems. We complete the picture with Quality testing methodologies


Process Improvement

We help your organisation to design and optimise process oriented role. Each role has ownership and accountability, impact analysis, authority and mandate to take decision in its scope: this is part of GDPR requirements journey


Data Quality by Design

When we work with you on implementing new systems and processes, we make sure that the quality of data is optimized through the chain. We also translate your data governance framework into practical actions that describe the role of each person. Doing so, you limit your risk and align to the recommended best practices


Data Monitoring

You collect and handle data. Everybody does his best to maintain their quality throughout your processing chains.

But are you sure this quality is maintained?

From input to final output, we help you implement and maintain quality testing processes that report on the actual level-maintained day-in-day-out


Data Cleansing

If you collect data outside of your company, or if you handle a lot of data manually, or if you use historical data that were not controlled, you are exposed to a risk of low quality and inconsistent data. We amend, remove or enrich data that is incorrect or incomplete. We use state of the art algorithms, including AI algorithms, to automate this process and let you focus on control and exception handling


Data Profiling

You need to gather a vast amount of data from the web, or you need to collect counterpart data, then we will help you as well. We analyse the data source to provide insight into the quality of the data and help to identify data quality issues and recommend measures to not fall into common pitfalls


Data Matching</p><p>

As part of a data quality program, we will identify, link or merge related entries within or across sets of data. And you will have a first step to get insight from your data

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