Digital Services

Help your organisation to interact with people

Digital Services

We provide C-level strategy and consulting services to align technologies and business purpose for companies of all sizes and stages of development.

We support changes and align to your pace. We help you implement using a combination of state of the art
methodologies to better suit your needs.

We help our partner to align business objectives and
technologies, deliver critical project on time, on scope and on budget


Improve People Experience

Our approach help you to retain customers & talents by meeting their expectation

Improve Processes

Improve processes by making them intelligent and fun to operate, keeping in mind the management of the associated risks

Change Management

We help you to manage and implement changes. When needed we can also manage a whole technological department ad interim

Technologies enablers

We help you to involve people, optimise and automate process and integrate the right technology to the right use. Our services include change management methodologies, technologies recommendation, in order to make your organisation evaluate to reach exponential growth

Project Management Services

We help you manage effectively your organisation’s project portfolio, enhance your project performance and increase your profitability

Data Quality Services

We help you to design your quality management processes by implementing control and quality management in your systems

Process Automation Services

We support you design, optimize or implement
new processes. We can even develop tailor-made
solutions for you

Data Governance Services

Data is an asset for your organisation. We help
you to build up a solid framework to master data
complexity, increase the quality of your data
and deliver better goods or services

Testing Services

We offer testing across data, software, services, actuaries calculation. Testing is one of Khagan’s
expertise. We can both implement frameworks
as well as run the tests themselves

We also offer

To be your personal leadership assistant who provides a “second opinion” or “sounding board” to deliver objective insight and advise.

To be an interim management to assist you on a temporary or periodic basis to review your strategic plans and evaluate new strategic opportunities.

To coach, in a tailor-made way, your talent
within your organization. We can challenge
them or prepare them to take over


It's all about you

I'm Thérèse Haq Qazi, your contact person to answer your questions

I will make time to have a discussion with you

Our World is changing

We need to adapt. Within a fast-evolving environment, you need a responsive flexible partner. Khagan is just that. We make ourselves available to go with your flow. We walk with you every step of the way to success. We constantly share with you to anticipate and understand your needs. For us, sharing is caring

Solutions Development

We advise you using tailor made solutions. Our solutions integrate intelligent algorithms. Our transversal vision covers the fields of Compliance, Finance, Risk, Data & Digital. We have an innovative way to develop solutions with cross-fertilization

Ready made solutions

Do you have an urgent need? We can also meet this type of situation. We already developed solutions immediately available on our web shop. Our team will also solve immediate issues in finance, risk, digital and modelling

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