Our World is changing

Everybody needs to adapt. Within a fast-evolving environment, you need a responsive flexible partner. Khagan is just that. We make ourselves available to go with your flow. We walk with you every step of the way to success celebration. We constantly share with you to anticipate and understand your needs. For us, sharing is caring.


We provide C-level strategy and consulting services to align technologies and business purpose for companies of all sizes and stages of development. We support changes and align to your pace. We help you implement using a combination of state of the art methodologies to better suit your needs.


We focus on operational finance. Our comprehensive toolbox helps management board and specially finance executives transform their operation to drive more value for the buck.


Based on our experience, we have work on two levels, the first one is risk governance and the second on is risk modelling. We have developed our own tool to assess your risk management process. Like the tool for the financial assessment, we start by assessing the level of maturity of your company. We then compare this level of maturity to the processes you have to manage risk.


Our approach uses standards, practical cases and various techniques to build up a comprehensive data architecture roadmap. You will benefit from a strong methodology to model data in a consistent and predictable way to enable you to use this corporate resource in a changing environment.

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