People inclusive services

Your employee is your best ambassador.

People inclusive services

More connection and a better cooperation from within your company to the outside.

The performance of a team is not only related to a tool or a process, it mostly results from team members’ interaction and well-being. Khagan recently started working with “Wat Met De Koekjes” to facilitate change processes  within companies that have a positive impact on customer experience. We strive at improving teams’ performance, well-being and loyalty within the company.

While Khagan drives the actual change project, “Wat Met De Koekjes”  focuses on the analysis using an innovative, in-depth, and especially authentic method. Bringing the untold issues that create teams’ frustrations and under-performance to the surface. “Wat Met De Koekjes” lends your employees an ear, creates confidence through the typing of letters on an authentic typewriter and, using what transpires from this exercise, gives a diagnosis. Together with Khagan, “Wat Met De Koekjes” then proposes an implementation plan.

On average, Khagan experts have been working for twenty-three years. Most of them have been in management positions and did drive change. “Wat Met De Koekjes” already applied their methodology in retail companies and an investment company. Based on this experience, we know that a change process will last at least four months.

For who?

People Oriented Services is our suitable solution beneficial to all types of companies.

However,  companies and teams with a strong hierarchical structure  benefit the most of the process. This structure is not only found in large companies. SMEs often have historically grown structures  that are mostly left unquestioned. The strong hierarchical structures face two challenges: they are prone to the untold and they become desynchronized with the societal trends.

There are many sources to the untold: excess of authority, lack of feedback, little to no listening, too many directives. The untold generates frustration and a decrease in job satisfaction. Companies also face the need to adapt to new societal trends. Talents want to learn, to improve what they do, to suggest, to build decision. They now see management as a partner, less as an authority. Lacking on both fronts quickly leads to a drop in motivation and creativity. A fatal evolution in a world of rapid change and of going through a constant war for talents. And the first victims of this fatal evolution will be your clients.

What is that method ?

We believe in authentic interactions between people.

Khagan believes that digitalization will shift our focus from the process to people’s interactions. People only have positive and authentic relations within a company, or outside of it, if they feel good about their job. “Wat Met De Koekjes” brings that authenticity and positivity. Trained listeners come to your company and listen to the people who want to participate in  the exercise. After walking the floors to create a positive atmosphere, “Wat Met De Koekjes” invites your staff to write a “letter to the bosses”. The concept proved to be enormously efficient in making the frustrations and issues surface. It also helps pointing towards potential solutions and shifting towards positive and constructive thinking. This way of working has proven to have a high response rate. Letters are an excellent medium for authentic communication. Having something in writing also allows for a long-term effect within the organization.

The interview technique of “Wat Met De Koekjes” is based on the self-determination theory of Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan. This theory within developmental psychology states that there are three basic natural needs that, if satisfied, allow an optimal functioning and an optimal development of a person.

Problems, inspiring quotes and suggestions are documented in the letters and are mapped out to build an action plan. Khagan’s consultants will then implement the project using an agile methodology to quickly adjust to evolution and drive more satisfaction.

“Wat Met De Koekjes” will regularly check the progress to ensure that no new issues arise and that the initial situation is improving.

Why change ?

Society changes.

A company can only function well if every link is right. From top to bottom and from bottom to top.

During the diagnostic phase, employees are heard in a low-key and playful manner. They get a chance to say the unsayable. The conversation with “Wat Met De Koekjes” contributes to the feeling of happiness. It creates long-term loyalty to the company because this input feeds an actual action plan. That is what makes this method so powerful.

In return, the management is given all  cards to bring the company to an optimal functioning and to increase the well-being and satisfaction of all stakeholders. Motivated employees have  a tremendous positive impact on stakeholders.


Where do we execute the project ?

The process takes place  within the company. We need to keep employees in a familiar environment and do not take too much of their time. We also need to see teams working together.

This reduces the costs of running such a project as there is no offsite and a minimal disruption of work.

How long does a project last ?

Our team follows a standard path.

Our experience shows that a minimum of 16 weeks is required for an effective change. Complexity of the environment can extend this duration.

During this time, there are  periods of heavy presence and periods of pure project management with a lighter presence.

Who runs this project ?

The majority of the efforts made comes from the teams of the company. Both management and the employees need to make the required investment for this to be successful.

Can this be subsidized ?

Khagan is recognized in Flanders by the SME Portfolio (DV. A230337). This registration makes it possible for SMEs to subsidize their advice if the purpose of this advice is to improve the quality of the company. The following are eligible for that subsidy program: the written advice and recommendations that consist of an analysis of the problem, an actual advice, an implementation plan and the support during implementation.

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