Predictive Smart Management

What to do with all your data ?

Predictive Smart Management solution

With our Predictive Smart Management solution we support decision makers. We use algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to master multiple data flows which gives you a perspective on the future. You gain predictability and responsiveness to markets. Predictive Smart Management is the control screen for companies that allows them to anticipate the future with real-time and past data. The Predictive Smart Management is to have your set of tools to improve the current and future management of your company using relevant internal and external data.

Our Predictive Smart Management solution includes following services

Data Mining, Process Automation, Data Governance, Data Quality

Data Mining Services

Tailor-Made design and implement processes of analyzing data

Data sources from internal and external data

Oriented Business Intelligence for real-time recommendation


Process Automation Services

Design process

Optimize existing process with a focus on automation

Automation tool tailor-made design & implementation

We advise our partners and select for them the ad hoc Robotic solution


Data Governance Services

Design and implementation conform to regulatory requirements

Data Quality methodology implementation

Integration between Data, Metadata and Data Architecture

Customized a Meta Data Model


Data Quality Services

Quality management processes

Quality management systems

Quality assurance

Predictive Smart Management solution

Technologies offer more options. Nowadays smart cities become true. From multiple sources, we can collect data and mind it with specific metrics to help you better know your customers and improve your company market performance. Being anticipative, smart and client oriented are modern-day conditions of business success.


At KHAGAN, from Compliance, Finance, Risk, to Data we have invested in helping organizations to meet not only the challenge of today’s risk-filled business world, but also to improve their performance and enhance their growth.

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