Process Automation Services

We design, optimise process & develop your own tools

Process Automation Services

We work with you to implement state of the art automation to move your staff’s attention to value added tasks and have them more involved


Design New Process

When we design new process with you, we focus on automation.

We help you to define the target process, analyse the existing situation, specify requirements, and ensure all necessary controls are embedded in the flow.

With agility, we develop the prototype, test and redesign it until we have reach the quality you expect.

In our solution, the human remains the decision maker. Khagan is people centric


Optimise Existing Process

When we optimize a process, we begin by asking you what this process should be. We then streamline it by automating as much as possible and eliminating all excess steps. If we find control gaps, we fill them in. And in a lot of cases, this does not require drastic changes in your systems.

Once the design is over, we test it and adapt it, with agility, until we reach the quality level you seek.

As Khagan is a people centric organisation, we always leave the last word to your team when it comes to deciding within a process



Once your automation strategy is set, we walk the implementation path with you.

To consistently achieve effective results, Khagan uses seasoned project / programme management specialists, experienced in well-established methodologies and different industries.  They are your cross-fertilization factor.

Our methodologies are scalable, structured and flexible and may be applied to new, existing or problematic projects or programmes


Tailor-Made Tools

We develop tailor made automation tools. From the idea to implementation and support services.

We have already worked on tailor-made tools, for our partners in financial services, to automate:

  • The Know-Your-Customer process
  • The application of economic sanctions (OFAC process)
  • The reporting processes

It's all about you

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Our World is changing

We need to adapt. Within a fast-evolving environment, you need a responsive flexible partner. Khagan is just that. We make ourselves available to go with your flow. We walk with you every step of the way to success. We constantly share with you to anticipate and understand your needs. For us, sharing is caring

Solutions Development

We advise you using tailor made solutions. Our solutions integrate intelligent algorithms. Our transversal vision covers the fields of Compliance, Finance, Risk, Data & Digital. We have an innovative way to develop solutions with cross-fertilization

Ready made solutions

Do you have an urgent need? We can also meet this type of situation. We already developed solutions immediately available on our web shop. Our team will also solve immediate issues in finance, risk, digital and modelling

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