Data Protection Officer as a Service. Book a first meeting to discuss about your situation. It’s free of charge.
We’ll present our approach, steps and services. Then, if you agree with our financial conditions, we propose to go a step further and order our DPO  service, to initiate and startup the DPO service.


Khagan DPO as a service includes :

  1. Ensuring an appropriate governance exists
  2. Informing and advising the customer on privacy & data protection
  3. Increasing awareness and training staff
  4. Testing the system put in place to ensure that governance and procedures work
  5. Providing advice and support on conducting DPIA’s, especially when sensitive data are handled
  6. Liaising with supervisory authorities, especially in case of reporting
  7. Acting as a contact point for supervisory authorities in case of issue
  8. Acting as a contact point for individual owners of the data (article38.4), be it internal or external individuals

Book a first one-hour meeting, free of charge, to discuss about your situation.

During our first one-hour meeting, free of charge, we present our services and our financial conditions. Then, if you are still interested by our DPO solution as a service, you’ll receive an intention letter to initiate the startup of the service.

You can make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. As soon as the funds have cleared in our account we’ll contact you to book a date to deliver our service.

Khagan cvba visitatiestraat 134/001 9040 Ghent Belgium Business Number BE 0652 853 154 IBAN: BE66 0689 0531 2343 BIC-code: GKCCBEBB


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