GDPR/RGPD Pack Training (NL/FR)


The Pack Training is the specific set of documents to implement registration’s GDPR requirements. Khagan has developed this specific set of documents to comply with GDPR’s Training requirements.


Pack in het Nederlands (NL)
Khagan – Corporate Brochure compressed.pptx
NL – 0 – Lees mij eerst.docx
NL – 1 – GDPR Implementatie checklist.docx
NL – 2 – Een inleiding tot het Algemeen Reglement voor de Bescherming van Gegevens.docx
NL – 3 – GDPR FAQ.pptx

Pack en français (FR)
Khagan – Corporate Brochure compressed.pptx
FR – 0 – Lisez-moi en premier lieu.docx
FR – 1 – Checklist de mise en place GDPR.xlsx
FR – 2 – Une introduction au Règlement Général pour la Protection des Données.docx
FR – 3 – GDPR FAQ.pptx

The Training pack’s documents is adaptable with your needs. These documents will set you at a sound level of compliance with the regulation on the specific matter ofTraining. We have designed this so that, with a minimal effort, you are best prepared for a control.

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