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Everybody needs to adapt. Within a fast-evolving environment, you need a responsive flexible partner. Khagan is just that. We make ourselves available to go with your flow. We walk with you every step of the way to success celebration. We constantly share with you to anticipate and understand your needs. For us, sharing is caring.

Digital Services

We provide C-level strategy and consulting services to align technologies and business purpose for companies of all sizes and stages of development. We support changes and align to your pace. We help you implement using a combination of state of the art methodologies to better suit your needs

CFO Services

CFO Services is a tailored service. Our comprehensive toolbox helps CXOs and specially finance executives transform their operation to drive more value for the buck

CRO Services

In risk management, Khagan’s capacities range from the implementation of an enterprise risk framework to niche skills in risk modelling

Risk Management Services

Based on our experience, we have own tool to assess your risk management process. Like the tool for the financial assessment, we start by assessing the level of maturity of your company. We then compare this level of maturity to the processes you have to manage risk

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Acceptable Risk Levels

What is an acceptable risk level? This article will be extremely short compared to previous ones. The acceptable risk level is the amount of risk that the company is willing to accept when running its business. This decision is mostly set by the board of directors who...

The Timing of controls and segregation of duties

A little Wandering in the controls’ world: timing and responsibilities. When does a control take place? Who does it? Two important questions when building a control framework up. The timing of a control. We categorize the timing of controls in two categories: The...

The Controls

What are the Controls? Control is a vague word that covers various activities. Controls can take place at two levels. controls are also part of an Internal Control Framework. What are controls anyway ? One of the definition of Webster’s dictionary is : “to check,...

Risk Management Actions

What actions can I take for a risk ? There are four ways to react to risk : accept, avoid, mitigate or transfer. What does this mean ? and how do I put this in place ? In a previous article, we stated that risk can be both a threat or an opportunity. When analyzing a...

Culture and Governance Check

Do I have a risk Governance and a risk culture? Do stakeholders know the culture? Is the company organized correctly? Why do we think so widely about risk? Important questions to answer to know where you actually are. Let’s focus on governance first The first part of...

The Risk Governance

The risk governance – An evolutive concept In our last article, we talked about the risk culture. We insisted that the tone was coming from the top and was mostly an attitude driven process. However, even if the attitude exists, formalizing the risk management cannot...

The Risk Culture

The risk culture: What to do, what not to do. The risk culture is how an organization deals with risk. It needs to be embedded in the organization’s behaviours. What is the Risk Culture? In our previous article, we started to introduce the notion of risk culture....

Risk Definition

Risk Definition Risk? What risk? As we define risk, we will see it has two aspects. Both have to be considered for all events to be covered. What is risk anyway? Risk, in a usual definition, is a negative notion. The first definition given by the Webster dictionary...

What about risk Management?

What about risk Management? Risk management is a topic that might seem very costly and very complex to some of us. Actually, managing risk is something most of us do. You just need to manage it sensibly. Risk Management is a guide. How did I see Risk Management...